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BCHD Partner Highlight: Economic Security of Southwest Missouri

Economic Secuity of Southwest Missouri is a valued community partner helping fulfill the Barton County Health Department mission to “promote a healthier you” by providing services that instill hope, eliminate the conditions of poverty, and help our neighbors achieve self-sufficiency. We are proud to have Economic Security in office offering appointments on a variety of services including (but not limited to) Missouri property tax credit filing assistance, case management, utility assistance, housing choice voucher program management, Head Start, and Weatherization.

By partnering with Economic Security, BCHD has been able to directly impact our local community “promote a healthier you” by providing easy access to programs that allow individuals to help themselves through furthering their education. We were recently honored to celebrate the success of Joshua and Connie Thomas due to services rendered by Economic Security’s Case Management program! Last fall, Connie completed GED study group and passed her HiSET with financial assistance from her case management program and was able to get her Missouri substitute teaching certification as a result of their help. Joshua was recently able to complete his GED study group and receive HiSET certification too!

In an effort to offer employment support services in addition to their case management options, Economic Support will also be offering a Life Skills Workshop March 11th and 12th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The “Employment Toolbox for Success” will prepare attendees for future employment by identifying their skills, organizing past experience by creating a resume, complete mock interviews, complete real-life applications, and potentially have real-life interviews! To encourage community participation, there is even a stipend provided if the 16-hour course fully attended and completed. If interested in registering to attend or you’d like more information, please call Economic Security directly at 417-682-5591.

Barton County Health Department is beyond blessed to have a blossoming partnership with Economic Security of Southwest Missouri. We are so excited to see how the community will be further benefited from this partnership in our combined efforts to “promote a healthier you.”

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