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Public Health

Public Health encompasses a broad range of services and programs for all age groups. Immunizations, Labs, Various Testing including DNA, STD, TB, and Pregnancy, Wellness Programs, Toenail Clinics, Car Seat Installations, and Health Education Consults are some of the services available through your local Health Department.

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Environmental Health

Environmental Health focuses on the relationship between people and the environment in which we live. Available services include: Restaurant Inspections/Permits; Temporary Food Inspections/Permits; Residential Waste Water Inspections/Permits; and Lodging Inspections.

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Vital Records

Certified copies of Missouri birth and death certificates are issued onsite by the local Vital Records Registrar.

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The WIC program is designed to improve the nutritional health of women, infants, and children, with the goal of improving the overall health of families. WIC serves pregnant women, breastfeeding women, postpartum women, infants, and children up to their 5th birthday.


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Other services available at the Health Department provided by our partners include: Avenues of Mental Health Counseling, Economic Security of Southwest Missouri, Beltone Hearing, and Access Family Medical Medicaid enrollments.

Who We Are

At Barton County Health Department, we believe the citizens of the County should have the opportunity to become happy, healthy, and well informed. We believe in a work environment and programs characterized by honest, caring, respectful, dependable, and responsive service.

Our mission is to promote better health through education and provide health care services for the prevention of disease and restoration of health to Barton County residents and the surrounding area.