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Our Mission

At Barton County Health Department, we believe the citizens of the County should have the opportunity to become happy, healthy, and well informed. We believe in an equal opprotunity work environment and programs characterized by honest, caring, respectful, dependable, and responsive service. Our mission is to promote better health through education and provide health care services for the prevention of disease and restoration of health to Barton County residents and the surrounding area.


The Barton County Health Department started operation on August 15, 1966, financed and established as an Office of Economic Opportunity program, with the cooperation of the Missouri Division of Health, Barton County Court, and citizens of the county.

Concerned citizens seeing the need for a County Health Department persisted in obtaining federal funds with which to set up a health department.

Support through three elections came from the newspapers, physicians, schools, churches, civic organizations, and responsible citizens.

The Barton County Health Department began in the basement of the courthouse.

On June 3, 1969, the voters of Barton County approved a tax of 10 cents on the one hundred dollar valuation for the support of the Health Department.

In 1980 citizens were coming into the office for services or requesting home care visits. Home nursing care would permit families to care for patients in the home, thus reducing health care costs. Upon approval of the Board of Trustees, the application was made, and on June 17, 1982, the Barton County Health Department/Home Health Agency was certified.

Barton County Health Department sign

Meet Our Staff


Candice Cox, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Abigail Dutoit, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

Joel Dermott, Administrator

Diahn Hayden, RN for WIC and Public Health, Child Passenger Safety Tech, Safe Sleep Ambassador

Lisa Hunt, Environmental Public Health Specialist

Kristy Runion, BSN, RN Public Health Director

Tina Schnelle, RDLD, CLC, WIC Coordinator, Assistant Administrator

Debbie Sheat, RN, Wellness & Policy Coordinator

Cindy Spain, Vital Records, Billing, WIC Certifier

Kaylee Timmons, WIC Certifier, PHEP Planner

Teresa VanGilder, LPN for Public Health

Allison Walters, WIC Administration Assistant

Kelly White, CNA, Vital Records

Barbara Wolf, CNA, Vital Records

Steve Wolf, Facility Maintenance

Board of Trustees

Darrell Kentner, Chairman

Rick Fast, Board Member

Mike Harvey, Treasurer

Janice Bowman, Board Member

Gary Kaufman, Board Member

Barton County Health Department is an equal opportunity employer.


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Other services available at the Health Department provided by our partners include: Avenues of Mental Health Counseling, Economic Security of Southwest Missouri, Beltone Hearing, and Access Family Medical Medicaid enrollments.


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