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Mothers’ Advocacy Network Looking to Empower and Support Mothers Affected by Substance Use

The Mom’s AdNetwork is looking for mothers affected by substance use who will share their collective voice, experiences, perspectives, and knowledge by taking part in interactive training modules and various leadership roles to guide the direction of the Missouri Maternal Health Advocacy Network.

Mothers affected by substance misuse offer real value with their unique perspective when decisions are being made about them. When systems are created without these mothers at the decision-making table, gaps emerge as needs are not fully identified, understood, and addressed.

In Missouri, the Moms’ AdNetwork works to fill these gaps by bringing mothers who have experienced substance use disorders during the perinatal and/or postpartum period into discussions where service delivery, policy, and support decisions are explored.

Members of the Moms’ AdNetwork are in a period of sustained recovery and serve to lend their voices and experiences of substance misuse to guide well-informed decision-making.

If interested in learning more about the program or becoming part of the solution, please see Moms’ AdNetwork | Missouri Maternal Health Action Network (moactionnetwork.org).

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