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2024 National Poison Prevention Week

Every third week in March America’s Poison Centers celebrate and observe National Poison Prevention Week (NPPW). Established in 1961 by Congress, National Poison Prevention Week was originated to raise awareness of poison prevention and safety. 

In 2022, through the Poison Help line and website (poisonhelp.org), U.S. Poison Centers responded to 2,427,974 total cases, on average receiving a new case every 15 seconds. Some of the leading exposure substance categories included analgesics, household cleaning substances, antidepressants, cosmetics/personal care products, and antihistamines. “My son drank a mouthful of all-purpose cleaner while I was cleaning the house. My only thought was to call Poison Help! I even got a follow-up call from them, which made me feel like they really cared.” – A testimonial from a Poison Help caller. Now she keeps her cleaning products safely stored away from her little one!

Unfortunately, 3,809 poison-related deaths were reported in 2021. This number serves as an important reminder that while poison exposures and accidents do occur, they can also be prevented with education and awareness. The best prevention of a poison emergency is to have POISON HELP’s contact information on hand in case of an accidental exposure.

In 2024, National Poison Prevention Week will take place March 17-23, 2024. The theme is “When the unexpected happens, Poison Help is here for you 24/7.” Whether you have general questions or an emergency, Poison Help is available 24/7/365 at no cost to you. Call Poison Help with questions for medications, cleaning products, insect bites, food poisoning, and liquid nicotine…just to name a few!

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