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Two Babies Recently Infected with the Same Dangerous Bacteria that Closed Down Abbot Formula Plant in 2022

On Thursday December 7th the Food and Drug Administration confirmed that two cases of cronobacter sakazakii, the same disease that led to Abott Nutrition’s 2022 formula crisis, have been reported in 2023. In March the six-week-old Missouri Resident Mira White was diagnosed with a brain infection caused by the bacteria detected in an open container of Similac Neosure formula in her home which has led to near constant seizures and crying. On November 15 Kentucky health officials made the CDC aware that an infant died from developing cronobacter sakazakii after ingesting Similac Total Comfort. FDA investigators reported that there was no link that these infections where due to manufacturing issues and declared there was no reason to issue any recalls as these bacteria occur naturally and can contaminate formula once opened at home. Although, former FDA official Frank Yiannas cautions that a negative test does not necessarily mean the absence of cronobacter sakazakii.


You can read more about this story here: https://apnews.com/article/similac-neosure-total-care-infant-formula-cronobacter-abbott-f6bfb1f1507875b68b187a7293b0c112?fbclid=IwAR3ADNNY0DASNpvsOBQ_vIkvbUE7lcO_O-owQ1QjYFNXPWBxGfDHFfSXbro

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